17-Oct-2020: At the Seaside

There is so much talk today about Ireland moving back into a lockdown which would mean once again being forced to live within 5km of my front door. A total nightmare so today I chose to go to the seaside for a walk and to enjoy a coffee at one of my favourite coffee shops. If the lockdown comes, I will deal with it but in the meantime I shall enjoy the little freedoms we still continue to have living with level 3 restrictions.

31-Mar-2020: A Different World

Since I last wrote a post a lot has changed. We now live in a world of lockdowns and restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have to stay home and only go out when necessary as we minimise the number of people getting the virus. On our daily exercise today we walked around Glendalough. One upside of how we now live is the ingenuity of people and the things that are being created to help people pass the time and still have some fun. The photo today was created using google and 3d imaging which allowed me to pop in a penguin. You can do this simply by using your phone and google and there are a few animals to choose from. I can see me doing this again while in isolation.