24-Jan-2021: Can I keep it up

I just recently renewed my WordPress subscription for another year so I really should get back to a daily entry but with the Covid restrictions still in place and being limited to 5km from the house, not being able to see friends and still trying to keep my sanity in order to work it has proven a challenge. So here I go again, almost the end of the weekend and I did force myself out the door despite the cold and I was rewarded a little with bright sunny days and a little snow. I spent the morning in Glendalough doing a short walk, feeding the birds and generally feeling fairly happy. Amazing what a little sunshine can do. The rest of the day was spent very lazily around the house but now the batteries are fully charged for another week at work.

24-Dec-2020: Christmas Eve

I have struggled this year trying to keep up postings each day. Probably due to a global pandemic and constant lock downs. Being limited in movement makes trying to keep a blog interesting hard but I’m going to try again to keep this up. Despite everything Christmas is fun so far. I spent the morning driving to pick up Christmas Puddings from a friend and in the afternoon a cold walk along the seafront where I also bumped into a couple of friends as well. All in all a nice day.